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Hello I’m Briana

I am a seeker of love, light, joy, and wisdom! I am a modern day mystic, lighting candles, reading Rumi and howling at the moon. But I am also breastfeeding, diaper changing mama, military spouse and a meditation and manifestation coach! Yes, life is complex and beautiful!

With an MBA and decades of practicing yoga and meditation, I discovered holistic tools and soulful strategy are our personal tools for healing, not only ourselves, but our families, businesses and communities! When we learn to fill our own cup, we are not only happier, but we are better equipped to pour our love onto others! My holistic coaching programs give you mind-body tools to create personalized sacred rituals that cut the overwhelm and connect you to your purpose, so that you can create the life you love, live with more joy, manifest your desires, vibrate with vitality, and fall in love with yourself! Check out my programs and book a discovery call to learn more. I can’t wait to meet you!

 My Mediation Journey

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At the heart of my programs is meditation, embodiment and  discovering alignment with your purpose. For me, meditation, quite literally,  saved my life. In 2011, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I was fit and healthy, working on my MBA and preparing to study in Argentina. It seemed like I was at the top of my game, but I was also working too many hours, unfulfilled by my job and constantly striving toward outside validation and success, as well as facing the relationship challenges of  having my husband deployed to Afghanistan, working at the epicenter of a dangerous combat mission.  

When I was diagnosed, I was in shock and denial. I was also angry at my body for betraying me, upset I was dependent on insulin, scared of what this meant for becoming a mother, and disappointed in myself for this misconstrued “weakness.” Every time I checked my blood sugar and got a “bad” reading, I cursed myself. I awaited the reading with anxiousness.  This self-judgment and criticism was unhealthy for me, my body, my career and my relationships.

Before I devoted to meditation, I was spiraling into anger, doubt, blame, and skyrocketing, uncontrollable blood sugar. But during meditation, connecting to my body and breath, I was able to ride the waves of unknowing, stress, anxiousness, and disappointment. Instead of holding my breath, awaiting a bad result, I learned to breath, and accept!

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With meditation came an overwhelming sense of ease, when I realized I would never, ever treat a friend the way I had been treating myself or my body, I realized that if I offered love and compassion to heal others, wasn’t it time I offered it to myself?   

I have built a foundational practice of yoga, meditation, and soulful strategy to not only give me more clarity to live my purpose, but also a wellspring of joy, compassion and courage. Devoted to these rituals, I have overcome chronic health issues, birthed two wonderfully healthy babies, created a flourishing business, and created tools to thrive in the face of  motherhood, identity crisis, deployments, career transitions, and all of life’s uncertainties.

If you are ready to create the life you love, live with more joy, manifest your desires, vibrate with vitality, and fall in love with yourself, then I invite you to explore my programs and book a discovery call to learn more.

What clients are saying…

“Briana completely changed my outlook on life, work, love, and true happiness. She truly listened to my struggles and hardships and helped me find the appropriate tools to work through these issues. She taught me how to see into my soul to pull out my true desires in life and help me work through the steps in reaching those goals. She helped me find myself again and through that process I was able to unlock my true passions and learn to love life to the fullest. She sincerely is an amazing woman that exemplifies pure joy in life, love, and motherhood.”

- Hope Lettow - Office Manager - San Diego, CA

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